Pink velvet or red velvet..hmm why is it that people confuse these two? Even Google has got them confused but don’t worry I’ll show you the difference in a while.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to try make the pink velvet cake for the first time and see how it works out, I was quite excited to try make the cake that I had previously refused to take an order as I was quite unsure of the method. I thought it was complicated as the Red Velvet cake. However on that particular day I googled the recipe and gosh the results I found…kwanza one of the methods requires you to separate the egg yolks from the white and the way I hate doing that it as it comes out quite messy mara the egg yolk gets into the egg whites it becomes quite hard and am back to square one. I decided not go that way cause I would’ve lost many eggs which are very expensive in Nairobi . So I decided to do another recipe but just throw in some pink food color. I prayed and watched as the cake baked in the oven (btw I usually pray before I bake a new or old recipe cause aaiii like who wants to waste ingredients that’s painful). So as I was watching it bake it rose then sunk in then rose again in sync with my breathing but it turned out quite well after 2 hours. I let it cool sometimes when am in a hurry and I want to just decorate it I put it in the fridge though it doesn’t help much but still…, whatever I had in mind to decorate was some rosettes on the cake (those are small rose decorations out of butter cream) I thought I knew how to do it cause of watching many YouTube tutorials kumbe it was all in my head. I tell you that cake was just an experiment for all my cake fantasies well some rather. Below are the images of the cake 🙂

IMG_6484 (1024x768)

IMG_6540 (600x800)

IMG_6536 (800x600)

My attempted rosettes 🙂

IMG_6532 (800x600)

IMG_6500 (800x600)

IMG_6481 (1024x768)

IMG_6479 (1024x768)

IMG_6434 (1024x768)

IMG_6473 (1024x768)

As I conclude all I can tell you is that everything turned out well and for those who tasted the cake thank you for your feedback and to my amazing friends/ photographers Zynzi and Gidi thank you for the photography and for enjoying the cake . Also please don’t confuse Red and pink Velvet cakes they may share a surname yes but the first name is totally different since they are of different colors and many other things na pia Pink velvet si strawberry cake apana. Another difference between the two cakes is how they are made . For Red velvet the key ingredienta are baking soda and white distilled vinegar when combined it starts fizzing and it helps in the rising of the cake and it uses buttermilk populary known as Mala in Kenya. On the other hand, my method of pink velvet i used the creaming method whereby one uses butter and sugar. Its the method used to make vanilla cakes or butter cakes

Hope you enjoyed reading  . Feel free to drop your comment or feedback. Thank you
Yours truly,
Mama Keki 😉