All cakes should be ordered a week in advance before the due date. This is to avoid mishaps and confusion. Please plan in advance.

For cupcakes/ cookies  one should order a  day in advance.

Minimum order for cupcakes include a pack of  12 cupcakes.

Cookies a minimum order of 10.

steps on how to order:

  • Contact us for consultation on 0714133727
  • upon having contacted us kindly give us the following information;
  1. Cake Flavour
  2. Design of the cake ( soft icing or Fondant Icing)
  3. Details to be written on the cake.
  4. Where to deliver the cake to.
  5. Time and date  when the cake should be delivered ( this includes also the mode of transport that is advisable)
  • Once we have concluded on the consultation kindly note there is no changing of the cake design.
  • Payment terms include paying  60% of the total cost as a deposit to the till number 201100.
    (P/S : No project shall be worked on without a deposit kindly keep that in mind. Upon delivery of the cake the balance should be cleared or no cake shall be released without clearing the balance, this is to avoid the unnecessary follow ups  asking for the balance after the cake has been delivered.)

We provide extra items such as disposable cups, plates, spoons, forks and knives, candles and serviettes at an affordable fee should you be unable to have the time to shop for such items or in case you forgot, we will be able to deliver them together with the cake.