“Im going to need some hot water after this, my head hurts, no more cake for me.”  *Another lie I tell myself*.

I slowly look around the kitchen and I get depressed, aaarg! Dishes…why are they so many. Why did Roselinda have to go early? ( she enjoys washing dishes when she comes over, let’s just say she is our  dishwasher, I’m the baker, each of my friends have clearly defined roles in the kitchen some are just here to eat anything in sight smh.) I almost felt like crying at the  sight of those dishes. I was tired, back hurting, legs hurting. Entertaining guests is a lot of work but there’s pleasure in having a good time.

It was  my birthday month last month  and as well as one of the photographers all in the same week so I had to bake two cakes, even though I had strongly said I won’t bake myself a cake for my birthday. Didn’t I make a fuss about this and even asked my family to bake me a cake, all I got was a tin of digestive biscuits hmmph! As well as cake the next day from my friends.


We had agreed as a team, I would try out new  cake recipes on everyone’s birthday  before introducing them into the menu. For my cake I was baking a chocolate Chip cookie cake and for her she wanted a Black  Oreo cake but not just the usual one. I had to re-modify the current one. On this day there was a lot to do Maryann one of my friends  was coming over to try out some of her own recipes  she was making mini pizza’s  and milkshakes ; I on the other hand had to bake 6 cakes in total plus cookies, so  much to do very little time. Before we introduce anything we like to do recipe try outs and pick the best one that works for us and of course we cannot critic our own selves hence we invite some our friends to come and taste and give us their opinions. It’s also a quality control measure and a way to market ourselves. People love free samples but it doesn’t mean you keep asking me for free cake. Good things come to those who wait.

A while back Oreo Cake used to be my personal favorite, though I used to have  difficulties making it mostly at the beginning of my baking journey. The first one I made well can be used to describe those cakes you expect but once delivered you wonder what happened .  This is what I was ambitious my cake would look the first time and I was confident and hopeful I had been given so much Psych by my friends lol only for it to be another cake to be featured on those cake wrecks CAKE EXPECTATIONS Vs REALITY.   With all my confidence this was what I was able to produce. Luckily it was a free cake so she was grateful for it.


Oreo Cake from Cookies,Cupcakes & Cardios
My cake expectation


My Cake reality, forgive my poor phone and camera skills. 🙁

This was the Oreo Cake I made for Zynzii. It was 2.5 kgs and my first time making a tall cake. Perhaps I should start making tall cakes they look quite elegant. She refused us to cut into it or even taste it L so she and the rest that turned up for her party are the ones who knew how it looked inside and tasted it. I wasn’t going to insist further once the birthday girl has spoken you grant her wish ama namna gani my frens?

Smoothing out the icing.


Preparing the Chocolate Ganache for the dripping.


All done 😉
FInal Outcome. Simple but lovely.
Top view








The Birthday Girl in all her feels and happiness while i was just looking and wishing i could have a piece.








The Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, I made it using 1kg worth of chocolate chips both for the cake and the cookies. The cake was also three layers once I’m done pricing whoever will purchase it, will know what the middle layer is made of or you can guess .This is how it looked. I however felt that it had too much sugar therefore I’ll have to do another round of experimenting and switching things up because after I had divided the cake for my friends we were left with some huge piece and for sure I knew I wouldn’t eat it because of the sugar neither was my mum going to eat so this cake stayed in the fridge for two weeks I had to throw it as it was taking up unnecessary space. ( my friends were quite disappointed that I threw it surely people like free things even if they’re about to go bad damn, if I had given you that piece, you would have known what it means to sleep in the toilet * joking* ).

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. Look at all that cookie overload and chocolate chips


The Inside of the cake 🙂


By the end of the day I didn’t want to see cake or be in the kitchen. I was full , had a migraine due to the  sugar from the cake and the milkshakes we made and not forgetting the pizzas.

P/s for those who would love to be part of cake tasting kindly feel free to e-mail me on Kindly indicate your name and phone contacts and the subject of the e-mail let it be CAKE TASTING. I’ll be in touch and communicate to you the location of the cake tasting and photo shoot or if you have really great places to do both kindly feel free to suggest places and ideas and cake flavours you’d want me to try out.

All photos were taken by Kech

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