I will start by saying ,i tested the validity of my dreams…

I finally stopped at the most beautiful location, perfect for photos and for fresh air. Kinale Forest. My entire highschool life, i told myself that i would come to this place one day and just take photos there only. This forest is so inviting that i would make sure when i enter the school bus i make sure am sitted at the window on the right en route to Nyahururu and the opposite side when going back to Nairobi… everything about this place is just picture perfect. My story this time…is about THE BLACK FOREST PROJECT.

The Black Forest….this has become a popular cake over time since it landed in Kenya…like honestly…you’ve seen how they’re made in Kenya the chocolate shavings and the strawberries. That was the trend till recently when other bakers have been trying to move away from that trend….including me. I like challenging my creativity to a point i confuse myself, hence sometimes i find my cakes have identity crisis. This one still has, but in order for one to get to where they want to be, you must constantly keep moving.( consoling myself)

Trying to explain to my father  why am i going all that way to do that was quite interesting, he was trying to convince me not to go there by giving me other options like  Karura Forest or Aboretum or even Central Park if it was the trees i needed that much…but i knew he didn’t understand why i wanted it there. You may Know Karura charges 7000 to do a shoot, where will i even get that money in a week? I almost gave in to going to Karura but that would mean no dream to achieve. He will see why i preferred Kinale to Karura.

I also explained to my team mates my concept of this cake. Simply put, i will make a black forest cake and the photo to be taken in a forest.Black + forest = Black forest…take the words as they are. Unfortunately, the colour wasn’t on my side that day. Another cake  identity crisis. But it worked though.

kinale 1

before set up….:)

kinale 2
These trees were full in Nairobi, on arrival almost all of them were broken…

I love the stool very unique.

kinale 8
Feasting with his eyes…main person asking when this cake shall be cut we eat..



The Long awaited cutting of the cake.



Piece of cake 🙂


you can imagine a 2 kg cake being shared among 6 people, the divison and final end of the shoot. My dreams came to reality and people’s tongue’s were grey 😉
kinale 10
Freeze and shine though.

Please  tell me what you think of the cake, what improvements can be done. I’ll appreciate.

Jewellery done by Kihuruta.Follow their page on IG @ Kihuruta

Photography : Zynzii Oyiera on IG @ _oyiera

Gideon Mwangi on IG @ its_gidi

Models : My friends and I

Cake by ofcourse me…sorry not me 🙂 by The_Chocolate_Hut_ on IG.

Till next time,

Mama Keki.