First of all I don’t know why am still excited when am writing this yet the event passed ..Quite interesting. I guess it could be cause it was such a successful event and I had fun ,considering that this was my first cake event that I was participating in. I will share my experiences both the challenging ones and the good ones that lead to the d-day.

This was the day we were to pick up the 150 boxes and I had to do some more shopping of the ingredients required in town. We all know how town is in the afternoon; people are mad at the sun grumbling to each other as they wipe off the sweat and continue walking in a hurry while bumping into each almost knocking off me and my shopping. I was lucky enough to have my friends help me do the shopping but my goodness the things were heavy walking from one end of town to another carrying those items wasn’t pleasant. My friends and I most probably had the worst smelling feet on that day but did we care? It was fun. We left town at around 6 only to realize we had to do more shopping we stopped at Uchumi Langata did the shopping and by the time we were done it was 7:30. We look at each other uhmmm how are we to take these things money for a taxi only solution left is to go home on a (motorbikes) popularly known as nduthi’s. Such an ambitious plan it was but everything could go wrong by just taking that means of transport; you know how reckless these guys can be on the road. I call my mum I asked her to pick us up luckily she was nearby but the first question she asks when we enter the car…” What if I wasn’t on my way home and hadn’t read the text what would you have done?” I just told her simply “God told me you were nearby”.
On this day we didn’t bake we had to think about how we were to take these shopping to where I was to bake from. Once more the crazy idea of using a nduthi till the Karen stage popped up…the look my mum had on her face can’t be described using words…but a meme would do. I knew I had to change my idea and use a taxi. I settled on that and had plenty of sleep cause I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping on Friday if I was maybe 3 hours at most.

I woke up so excited at 4.a.m. but I couldn’t do anything but fantasizing in bed while looking for recipes to do. We had been advised to start early to bake but did I listen nope. I knew I got this covered I wasn’t stressed cause if I allowed one thought of panic to get to me it’s a wrap. I call the taxi guy he says he will be there in 30 min. I tell my friend we will reach her place in an hour. This guy was just testing my patience, these 30 min became 1 hour I felt like I could have been doing something but then I couldn’t start baking from home because it will take two hours for a batch to be ready. Finally the guy came and we reached my friends place at 11. Already behind schedule, I still wasn’t sure I had transport for Saturday but I had to put all my faith and trust in God that He got this covered.
I started off baking alone, it reached a point I had to teach my friends how to prepare stuff ,so as they arrived they had to grate lemons for me and squeeze the juice some sort of initiation, they didn’t like it but they still did it.

IMG_7812 (1024x810)
the grater and squezeer  waiting for the next victim 🙂
cake art (2)
details wasnt it not cake art ?

They also had to fold the boxes at first they were happy but when they heard the number…their expressions just changed, but they still did it 


cake art (3)
the inside

Below is the link to the video of the events that followed on friday to saturday..

I hadn’t started on the ones I was to sell, pressure was just kicking in and worse my red velvet cupcakes just decided to do their own thing like they just weren’t feeling the oven vibes. Into the dustbin they went and were forgotten.
By around 1 a.m. I was done with everything time to sleep and wake up by 7 to leave by 8 in order to arrive by 9 as they said.

IMG_7867 (1024x768)
The cupcakes before icing

7. A.m reached…got ready but still had no time to take breakfast, we had several stopovers to drop things back home then head over to arboretum. For me, both excitement and tension levels were rising quite fast. On arrival, as usual this is Kenya, African timing was at its best but I will always like African timing its favorable sometimes but I have to improve on time keeping and I felt I wasn’t the only one late cause I think we were all late; we set up then still had to go back and get more cake. I was still nervous; several thoughts were in my mind such as will I sell? What if I don’t sell all my products? And a whole lot of thoughts flooded my mind. I knew I had to believe in myself and what I was selling and that is what got me through the day.

cake art
IMG_20160226_083151-01 (1024x678)
pink velvet
IMG_20160226_083148-01 (1024x678)
lemon cupcakes


At the end of the day I had lots of fun, from the music to the food that was being sold and also seeing what other bakers had I believe we all did our best on that day.

cake art (15)
smiles and laughter
cake art (12)
someone eventually got in touch with  her photography side
_DSC0259 (1024x678)
At the end of the day this is how happy we were

For those who passed by my stand to enquire and also to buy  thank you and for my family and friends thank you for coming to support me.

This is  one of the experiences my friend shared

“My adventure began when I arrived at the venue of operations,  where Njeri was baking the cakes to be presented at the Cake Art Affair the following day. From folding boxes to filming the activities going on, to going hands on with the baking and shooting in between all the ‘chaos’, it was an incredible time that bore fruit on a rather dull Saturday morning as we began to set up the tent, where everyone who would be attending the event would find the creations of The Chocolate Hut. The excitement levels were really high on everyone that took part and helped in the preparations as we did enjoy the event and how much of a success it had become. I am humbled to have been part of it all and to document what I could of the milestone we just crossed.”

As for the Cake Art Team….you’ll continue growing to becoming bigger and eventually the best event . I had fun interacting with you guys. God bless you with many more opportunities.