Behind every cake theres a story…

Finally, I can sit down and relax after such a long day. I think I’ve prayed a lot and also had my faith tested today. Today was the D-day, (lol this word takes me back to primary school composition writing), I was to deliver the cake below to a good client of mine. She had challenged me to make this kind of a cake. It is beautifully shaped, simple and an outstanding cake, but, I was worried. Reason being, out of all the few baking pans I’ve bought, none qualified to bake such a cake with the exception of my mother’s sufurias. I was like, how?… Like really, How?… How am I going to bake such a cake? I played with the idea of using my mother’s sufurias. I had even consulted her and you can guess what she said next, “Oooh it’s a nice cake, yeah you can use the sufurias.”

this is the original cake :p

However that wasn’t enough for me to come to terms of having to bake the cake. I knew I had to gather my courage. So I sought out to ask my fellow bakers in a certain group how that cake is done and where I could get such a baking pan. As soon as I sent my dilemma, I got an immediate response with a contact as to where I could get such a baking tin. God was truly on my side that day. In addition that group has brilliant people who are ready to help you make your clients happy.
As for my client, I had told her to give me a few days to figure things out and try baking the cake…Well as soon as I got the baking tin. Oh, how my confidence rose like a kite. I felt silly for having thought so hard on how it would work out. Over the past few days, I decided not to bake the cake in advance. I didn’t find it necessary to do so, I just had to take the famous leap of faith and trust God. So I assured my client that I’d be able to do the cake without any prior experimentation.
The day had finally arrived. I woke up nice and early in case the cake backfired, I would still have time to redo it. 7 a.m. I was up, said my prayers and started baking. Then the moment of doubt came, I thought I had put too much batter in the pan and it would overflow when it rose. After one hour the cake had risen well, but when I shook the oven, I could still see the cake batter moving meaning it’s not yet ready inside …How my psych plummeted…To make it worse the centre wasn’t getting ready but the sides were ready. Despite the fact that the cake wasn’t getting ready within the required time, I had to practice patience. Boy, it got ready after 2 hours. It took a few minutes on outside cooling to room temperature then 30 minutes inside the freezer for it to get cool and ready to be frosted .
Time was running short for me and the pressure was caving in. Good thing though the cake turned out to be somehow  similar to the original.

Snapchat-3586904812781945968 (576x1024)
My versions


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Moral of the story, take up some challenges, you can gain a lot .