• Delivery

    We offer delivery services at a fee to any location country wide using the best delivery service companies to ensure that you get your cakes on time

  • Best Cake

    we give the best quality cakes made out of passion,love and faith.:)

  • Ordering

    To make an order, contact us for consultation on 0714133727 to get started. Findout More

Our Specialties

  • Customised cakes.

    We love challenging ourselves with customised cakes as they are beautiful and fun to make. *Price is dependant on the complexity.

  • Variety Of Cakes

    Our Price List has a variety of cakes to choose from ranging from kid friendly to adult friendly cakes.

  • Extra Services.

    At your own demand we can deliver the cake with extra items (at a fee) such as spoons and anything that might be required to enjoy your occasion More